Join us for Night 3 of our Parish Mission!

“The Apprentice” (Called to SERVICE) – All of us are invited to grand adventure, something that gives meaning and purpose to life. We have a unique call to join in the life, work and mission of a loving God. Instead of hearing “you’re fired” or being eliminated because we don’t think we are good enough, we remember Jesus who asks us to follow him. Mike will also be doing presentations this week for our teens, school and religious education students, and the parish staff. He will also offer a special daytime mission for those who can’t make it at night.

Tonight @ 7pm in the Church!

Also don’t forget:
School students who come, with their parents, to at least two of the three nights will get free dress this coming Friday! Just sign in at the information desk on your way in.

RE students who come with their parents to a least two of the three nights will get Ice Cream Bars for Mardi Gras (Feb 26 & 28). Sign in at the information desk.