God wills everyone to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. In sharing the truth, we can sometimes come across sounding harsh and unkind or judgmental. We might think, “Well I have to make sure you know the Truth….. (True, Paul to Timothy)..BUT the goal is not to win arguments….if you win the ARGUMENT, and lose the person….lose the relationship…so what? The goal is to win hearts. This takes time….it takes people knowing we actually care about them and don’t see them as a project.
– Fr. Mark

 “We are experiencing hopelessness across every socio-economic structure. We are living shorter, and dying sooner. In 2018, life expectancy declined for the 3rd straight year. The last time that happened was in 1918 on the heels of WWI and the Spanish Plague. Today many are dying deaths of despair including by suicide, and from alcohol & opioid abuse. Why is this happening?
Because we’ve pushed God off the stage and we as creatures in His image and likeness have lost our meaning.”
-Fr John Ricardo, The Rescue Project


Faith Stories –
By sharing accounts of how God moves in our ordinary lives we reveal that God is alive and active in our world, we grow in faith, we help others to grow in faith, and we encourage others to share their stories to build up God’s kingdom on earth.

Food Pantry –
The Notre Dame Food Pantry assists approximately 50 local families monthly in Clarendon Hills, Westmont, Hinsdale, Oak Brook, Darien and Willowbrook.

Invite to Alpha or TRP –
You likely know people who would be transformed by an experience of coming together to enjoy good food, positive and supportive friendships, and safe conversations about questions on faith and purpose (i.e. the neighbor who’s new to the area, the co-worker who is battling a bad diagnosis, the lonely cashier you chat with each week).

Ministers of Care –
Trained extraordinary ministers can bring Holy Communion to you or loved ones who are temporarily or permanently home-bound, at a hospital, or at a care facility and are unable to attend Mass, please contact Char Jain to schedule

Our Lady of the Angels Mission –
Located in West Humboldt Park. The purpose of their Mission is twofold to assist the materially poor & to share the treasure of our Catholic Faith.