Summer Challenge!

Summer Challenge!
As you journey to different parishes during your summer travels, snap a picture of your family (or yourself if traveling alone) in front of the church (or inside) the church you attend for Sunday services. Then submit your photo to us at to enter our prize drawing!

 Contest runs May 25-August 11
 Email photo(s) with your name(s), date, parish, and location to us. We’ll put a photo in the bulletin and enter you into the prize drawing.
 There is no limit to the number of submissions, so submit throughout the Summer. The more submissions increase your opportunities to win. However, the same church cannot be submitted more than once.
 The visited Parish has to be outside of the Diocese of Joliet (St. Isaacs and Holy Trinity don’t count!)
 Let the summer fun begin! 

* If you are traveling to a location that is remote enough that you can’t find a church to attend on Saturday evening or Sunday, speak to me and I can give you a dispensation from participating in Mass on a particular Sunday.